The simple start

Hey all reading this.

I decided to start this blog merely so that people can understand what all goes into starting or developing or even just doing renovation work.

Over 4 years ago, it started.

I always had a dream to live in New York City and pursue some form of a career that would chase the American Dream. I never knew what I wanted to be when I was a child but I most definitely wanted to be a person of significance.  A person who wasn’t standing in the background but one rather leading from the front. A person who people knew…

Before I get carried away, here is how I started my journey. I was gifted a major opportunity when I had just finished school. I was given the opportunity to learn from the Master Himself, my Dad, working in his business. A few years down the line, he helped me start my own business and I’m not going to lie, it was tough. This opportunity gave me huge social issues as I felt I always had to justify my position with friends.. The job was hard, I started from the bottom as where every body should start when getting an opportunity of this magnitude. Long hours, major sacrifice and big responsibility…at a young adult age, this was a crazy experience. I had to mix in going out with friends, yet be at work in the mornings to open up and in a state to still function to run a successful business.  This was my gap year that ended up being my career. I knew that I liked making money and I knew I liked trading so this was the start of what one could call my life.

My life definitely took a turn for the best a few years ago.

After being a good position, I wanted to carry on…carry on doing what I love doing and that was Business…But the Master Himself (dad) had a long chat to me and made me understand that its never always sunshine and rainbows…Things become tough and you can’t always have your eggs in one basket. We decided that Property would be something of a challenge and something when he was my age was a great way to make a residual income.

I took the opportunity to learn something new, something that I literally had no clue of and to this day…I am still learning.

My uncle has been in the building trade for many years and was the perfect project manager for me as this was a side line business…one that would operate on the side and not take up too much of my time…or so I thought. The first project was truly an amazing experience and one that definitely got me hooked. It was a deal that couldn’t have gone more swiftly and one that I have never experienced again. Absolutely everything went well, trying to understand what was going on and asking the most silly questions. If you don’t ask, you wont know I guess. Signing contracts and not knowing what you’re signing became something of the norm. Trying to read lawyer language and act like you know what you’re talking about was also the norm…sitting in the car (after signing what could’ve been your life away) googling terms that you remembered was all part of the Journey.

Understanding that Obstacles and challenges are only lessons brought to you by a great being out there has been something that forever eluded me. After every house I have done, I have wanted to quit. I wanted to give up as the stress had actually just become too much. But I didn’t, I moved forward. Understanding that there are people out there, that want to see you fail but there are a lot more that want to see you succeed let alone our man above who knew I would get through.  The ones that wanted to help me succeed, helped me through every challenge. Explaining each downfall and each success.

There is a lot of up and downs with Property and developing property and even just doing a renovation. Nothing is as simple as it might seem. From sub-contractors running off with deposits and returning when they felt like it, to theft, to literally anything that can cause a delay…I have been through it. I understand it. I have learned from it.

Don’t take short cuts and don’t take the easy road…in property…this can become a very very costly mistake. One that I have now learned and had to get over…even if it was just barely over, scrapping my body and landing on my head…I got through… I got over it and I am here now to continue and pursue a passion that I have come to love.


Thanks for reading the little brief start…I will be posting the in’s and out’s of my current project. Luckily I am starting this blog a few days after starting my most recent project. I am starting the next new project in a few days too, so things will be interesting but looking forward to sharing my experience and hopefully help people wanting to enter this game with some useful tips.


Till next time Future Developers/Followers !


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